The Write Stuff


"Once upon a time, there was a baby eagle that was adopted by a hen when it was very young. The eagle lived in the hen family like one of them and believed that it too was a hen. All its life, it hopped from one branch to another, and looked at the vast blue sky with longing. All its life, the eagle wanted to fly high but didn’t because no one told it that “it could”. Why this story? Because this could be any of us. Most of us have a sleeping writer within us but we never did enough to stir it awake. “The Write Stuff” is that thud which will wake up the writer in you. In my many workshops, I have witnessed clueless youngsters turning into poets and writers with a few tools, a little push and lot of encouragement. This workshop will help you plunge within so that you come back with gems even you didn't know exist. I will help you through your maze of thoughts, assist you in framing them constructively and when you bask in the glory of your creation, I will step aside and smile with pride. I will see the eagle believing in the strength of its wings and soar. "


I use words to silence the world and I use words when I want to be one with the world. To me, words are the purest form of human emotion and writing is the most powerful tool to convince, confuse and confront. I am a former journalist with over a decade's experience in the media industry, a blogger, a poet, an educator, but most of all, a sensitive alive human being, who observes and absorbs, and a crusader for the art of creative writing.