Sukhmani Kohli



The Art of Being You-workshop in modern clowning


"What is a clown? Through the art of sacred clowning, we rediscover inner qualities of openness, spontaneity, and play. We shed inhibitions and are liberated, allowing our imagination to soar, whilst keeping our feet firmly on the ground. Clowning is a powerful tool to become more self aware and to learn to love ourselves for who we are with all our emotions, quirks, things we love and things we would like to improve upon. With clowning, we learn to see the world through the lens of humour, and we experience having the wonderful privilege of helping someone else find joy and laughter! What will happen in the workshop? Our workshop process is activity based which involves learning to express without words, tips to create comedy, improvisations, body work/movement, storytelling, conversations; and in all of this tapping into our sense of joy and fun, because we believe that the world takes itself too seriously. "


"I have been a theatre practitioner for 13 years. Currently, along with teaching theatre to young people, I perform as a clown and also teach the sacred art of Red Nose Clowning. As a facilitator, I use the wisdom of theatre and clowning to help people discover and accept who they really are and to learn to play again without inhibitions. My work involves a fine balance of process work like self discovery, group work, mind-body-spirit exploration and skills like storytelling, bodywork, communication, stage presence, improvisations. I am trained in leading ‘InterPlay’ by the founders of the practice in Oakland, USA and in Physical Comedy by the German artist, Michael Moritz. I am also trained in various other art forms like puppetry and design by renowned artists like Dadi Pudumjee. I have performed in over 200 shows, directed over 10 plays and taught theatre in over 100 workshops. I have been nominated for the Bismillah Khan Award for Young Artists presented by Sangeet Natak Akademi, in 2014, for my work in Direction. ( www.purplemangoes.com )"