Swaraansh Mishra




For Swaraansh, music is an inner expression and the words inspired by this expression is the language.Coming from an amazing lineage of musicians, like Padmavibhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj ji, and Padmabhushan Pt Rajan-Sajan Mishra,Swaraansh has Indian Classical Music running in his veins, which gave him wings to explore the world of composing, singing and writing. The audience gets enamoured by the heart melting melodies written and sung by him. His soul searching lyrics and spell bounding composition' Ganga Mayya' recently received Dada Saheb Film Festival Award in 2014 for the documentary Bharat Bhagya Vidhata. He at present is working for upcoming movies- Muawza and DNA of love. And has in past worked with popular names of the industry like Sonu Nigam and Roopkumar Rathod


A fun-filled, light headed musical workshop, which will also involve experiences and philosophies of amazing musicians...which will not only help students to create, compose and write music, but will be helpful to build a strong base for any stream they choose for themselves.. This worksop will add up to the confidence level, widening of thoughts, framing their work, concentrate better and get clear picture of their future. Lot of my exersices involve random activities, that i usually do according to the mood of the students.