Joyjeet Mukherjee

IT Consultant & Drummer

www.delhidrummers.com / www.facebook.com/delhidrummers



Joyjeet is a trained musician and percussionist who has been playing for various bands since childhood and performed on Radio, TV and various other places including live events, concerts etc. He can play various musical instruments like keyboards, accordion, melodica, djembe, Dhol, Drums, Cajon and many other percussion instruments. After working in the corporate world for about 12 years, Joyjeet took music as his profession and started performing at various events and concerts again and also started handling Drum Circles, Drum jam workshops for corporate, schools, colleges and Universities. He has facilitated drum circles and drum jam workshops with many prestigious clients like Airtel, IBM, Ikea, NIIT, Convergys, Shiv Nadar Universities, Pearl Institute and many more. He has handled groups upto 600 people in a single workshop


Day 1. 1. Understanding the drums 2. Learn basic drum beats 3. What is a Drum Circle Day 2. 2. How to handle your drums and maintenance 3. Drumming techniques 4. Playing in a group with each other Day 3. 1. Understanding different beat patterns 2. Tuning your Drums 3. Playing Drums with other musical instruments and Singers 5. Prepare to play in live performance on day 4th