Kaushik Bhattacharya

Creative Writer & MBA


Creative content writing


Kaushik began his career with Citibank, after having spent most his formative years in Secunderabad and completing his graduation in Computer Science. Soon after that, Kaushik went to Bhimtal ? a quaint, little sleepy neighbor of the much boisterous Nainital to pursue his MBA in Marketing. After finishing his Masters, Kaushik answered his true calling ? advertising and creativity. Ever since it?s been heck of a journey. Over 16+ years in renowned agencies, home and abroad. More than 25+ premium brands to fall in love and out of love. Metals in London International Award, New York Festivals, Dubai Lynx, and Delhi Ad Club. A published poet. An avid reader, quizzer and traveller ? not necessarily in that order? and this just the beginning.


This workshop is all about those young, impressionable minds who need a gateway of sorts to understand creativity, learn it and unlearn it. For I believe, that task is equally important in order to expand the horizons of their minds. Be it an idea, a personal experience, a last bench activity, pulling pranks, and perhaps even a stare into the evening sky in silence. The role that I am going to play is get them connected to these worlds, so they can express themselves better in the coming years. The workshop will not be a typical textbook style where I do the talking and the students do the listening; instead, I will bring their potential to the fore, through interaction, tasks, mock plays and games that will give them an edge to express themselves without any fear or insecurity.