Aseem Trivedi

Cartoon & caricature


Aseem Trivedi is a political cartoonist and human rights defender, best known for his anti corruption campaign Cartoons Against Corruption. He is the cartoonist behind 'Black & White', an online cartoon magazine for human rights and founder member of Save Your Voice, a campaign against internet censorship in India. In 2012, the website of his campaign ‘Cartoons against Corruption’ was banned by Mumbai Police in 2011. He was arrested on Sep 8, 2012 in three charges including sedition (124A) and section 66 A of IT Act. In 2015, he started 'Black & White', as an attempt to use cartoons in the campaigns to support human rights across the wrold. Last year, Aseem did a multi city speaker tour across Europe, organized by ‘Front Line Defenders’, an international human rights organization based in Ireland. He was announced as the 2012 recipient of the "Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award" of Virginia based Cartoonists Rights Network International. He shared the award with Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat. He was also nominated for the Freedom of Expression Awards 2013 by UK based free speech organization Index on Censorship. He was also a contestant in reality TV show Bigg Boss (season 6).


Political cartoon has been one of the popular features of daily newspapers for a very long time. RK Laxman took it to the new heights of popularity and importance through his ‘Common Man’. But now the political cartooning is not limited to the print media only. Social media seems to be even more suitable platform for this art. Now cartoons are important part of political and social campaigns. This workshop will be an introduction to the basics of political cartooning, explaining the role of symbolism, irony and exaggeration in this art and their impact on the reader. The aims will be: a. to develop a better understanding of the basic elements, roles and possibilities in cartooning b. to enable the participants to conceptualize, to experiment and to begin with this medium