Akanksha Bansal




Theatre is an organic art form that assimilates every other form in itself, ranging from rhetoric to nonverbal cues, and from music to fine arts. A live performance of artists enacting characters, events, and emotions holds enough power to ‘purge emotions’ and lead to ‘catharsis’ for both the performers and the audience. Keeping in mind the significance of theatre in mind, I propose a short production-oriented workshop for the young adults of Pearl Design Academy (Naraina). Pearl Design Academy is famous for its focus on an overall development of their students. A perfect blend of theory and practice, along with fusion of all relevant disciplines lead to wholesome development of design personalities who get their basics right and strong. Keeping in mind our target audience I propose a 4 day production-oriented theatre workshop. This workshop will comprise of a 15-hour training program spread over 3 days, to be followed by a stage production on the 4th and final day. The purpose behind this workshop is to acquaint the learners with theatre as an art form for effective storytelling. Storytelling, as it seems, is not only an element of entertainment or instructional activities. On a close observation we see that storytelling is in fact an element in all activities of our lives. Something as mundane as a sales pitch can involve effective storytelling and so can something as dry as a legal document. There are people or parties involved (characters), who interact in a certain context (setting), with a basic issue or a product that needs efficient handling (plot), moving towards a desired resolution (climax). Thus, the learners will be taught the nuances of an effective storytelling through a well-etched performance.