Moving body is a living body


"One of the co-founder and former director of Creative Movement Therapy Association of India. Fakeera is a movement therapist and M.A. in Psychology. Over a decade of relevant experience with the international organisations, schools, institutions and corporations such as American Red Cross, German Red Cross, Spanish Red Cross, International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lunch Disease, Norwegian Church Aid, Mayo College Ajmer, Modern Barakhamba, Monut Carmel, Carmel convent, Blind School, Pearl Academy, HCL, Kantar, Secro, Ericson, Volvo and Eicher and many more on body image, self image, voice, fear, emotions, soft skills, behaviroul skills, integral education, teachers training, parenting workshops, Leadership, Problem solving, therapeutic processes, public health, management training skills, mental health and research & analysis. Fakeera is a certified movement therapist and has a background in psychology, psychosocial interventions and counselling. She is currently training in psychodrama, breath and voice work. Her approach involves provocative coaching and story telling. The major part of her work revolves around emotional, social development, gender, sexuality, understanding the connection between the body and the mind. Development of gross and fine motor, locomotor skills. organised. She has also been facilitating at the international festivals across India such as contact dance, conscious flow, arunachala soulfest, Nataraj, Tattva and children festival in Delhi and Goa. In addition she conducts trainer certification progr"


Expressing authenticity and intimacy within oneself through exploration of breath, sensations, feelings and emotions. Experiencing many moments of stillness and nothingness in the midst of a crowd will help us become more centered and comfortable within our own skin. Emotions are continuously changing every moment because we are changing every moment. Our situations are changing every moment as well but the conditioning of the being which was engrained in us at the early stages of our lives doesn’t change if we do not become aware of it and break these patterns.