Rhythm of Life


"A musician at heart, Karan is a practitioner of spiritual empowerment though music. He heads ‘Satori- Music for Bliss’, a platform for study, research and practice of music & sound based on ancient Indian science. . Karan regularly tours the country conducting talks, seminars and workshops in Universities, colleges and private institutions on the applications of music & sound to professionals across various fields He has been involved in numerous projects, with medical colleges such as SDM, JSS, KLE and I-AIM, related to healthcare, specifically-neuroscience and sound under BPM Therapy. He has worked extensively with children on the Autism spectrum using music and integrative methods. His significant education has been through living with his spiritual Guru Sri.A.S Harish for 7 years in practice of the science of Kriya Yoga; during this period he studied about the subtleties of music and sound based on the ancient samaveda. Using this fundamental knowledge, he aims to share these treasures with the world through his work. He is also an adept instrumentalist on the Guitar, Didgeridoo and Hang drum and regularly tours the country for live performances. Although born in a family of South Indian classical musicians, he has studied Hindustani Tabla and western classical music extensively over the years. "


"Rhythm of life is an interactive, hands-on workshop to uncover the beauty of music, sound, energy, rhythm, melody, harmony and life. We will create an environment for collaborative thinking, collective working and real human interaction through discussions, work, music and song. Music is the most powerful tool to bring people together. One of the core activities of this workshop will be an instrument build, where teams of students will get together to build a very unique instrument. Through this build, we will explore the building blocks of music such as vibration, pitch, waves, melody and harmony. There will be something for everyone in this workshop - from the artist, to the musician, the poet to the mathematician and everything between & beyond. Although this workshop is about music, if one looks closely enough, the entire spectrum of life is but a perfect rhythm performing in harmony with this universe; music is truly about keeping one's ears open, about listening to one another and about playing in sync with the situation. "