Lal Bahadur Yadav

Inner self


"I believe in giving my cent percent to each and every task I pick no matter what the situation. I am a writer, director with an aim to create spell bounding visual delights with a subtext of human emotion in each and everything that my work may involve. Emotion is where we are getting constantly getting lagged behind."


"I am planning to incorporate exercises to inspire the students to be aware of their inner self. The exercises will be having the underline of human emotion and our culture and will be designed to bring out the individual recognizance of the same. The students will learn about the self and more with the help of modern and fun filled activities and interactions. The students will present a small play of dynamic and progressive in nature on the final day which will involve maximum inputs from students only. I am planning to divide the whole experience into below parts: Day 1: • Physical Movements and Activities to make the student aware of their body and responses. • Voice exercises and interactions to do away with all the hesitations and inhibitions students may have. • Brief on the play which student will perform on the final day. Day 2: • Improvisation exercise on the play which will be more and more of students views and learnings. Day 3: • Final Rehearsals. Day 4: • Performance."