William Lobo

Utility & Enhance


"William Lobo is an Engineer who moved to Restoration of period furniture. A Designer and Refurbisher he restored Mr Dadabhai Naorojhi s rosewood table. Now in the Mehli Mehta music foundation His esteemed clients include Mario de Miranda cartoonist, Princess of Manipur, Nawab of Rampur to name a few. He takes great pleasure in restoring old wooden furniture and object's d art, with timber used namely, Burma teak, Rosewood, mahogany, ebony ...carving and excellent in polishing "


In this workshop the attendees will obtain an opportunity to perceive a woodblock turning into a masterpiece. The workshop will aim to work on the observation qualities of the students as well as their understanding of designing will improve. The aspect of Utility Design is chosen to give life and aesthetics to a certain thing, which is often identified not useful. The key issue of the matter is defined. The conditions of the problem become objectives, and restraints on the situation become the parameters within which the new design must be constructed. The concept phase is where ideas for new features are considered.