About Pow Wow


Pearl Academy believes in unleashing the best in its students, it inspires them to be #BESOMEBODY- somebody to reckon with. Inspired by this belief, the theme for this year’s Powwow is “#powwowMODA17”.

"POWWOW" is the largest conglomerate of “Life Design Workshops” in India under one roof called Pearl Academy. Life design is the process of reconnecting your essential and social selves; in other words who you are at the depth of your soul with who you have become in response to the people around you; everyone, from your family and peers, to your culture. Powwow is an invigorating initiative by the School of Foundation, that offers a bevy of workshops for the young and pepped up minds who are about to enter the world of creativity. A series of super crazy workshops are ready to tickle the brain wires of zesty minds with several multi-sensory, spirited and multidisciplinary activities driven by the need to express and nurture their creativity.

MODA” is a manner, a way of doing something, an experience, a practice of current fashion, style, approach, look and trend in manifestation.

Why Powwow before the dawn of academic sessions:

Children want to learn and they naturally seek out problems to solve. Such attitudes and actions on the part of young learners indicate that they engage in thinking and actions long before they enter a classroom. Education in a formal setting often reflects the understanding as learning of facts. While deeper learning and engagement comes out of active hands on learning, scientific learning, learning which fosters social interaction – that is, sharing observations and ideas with each other fostering curiosity and stimulating new ideas.