About Pow Wow


POWWOW! – It’s the impact that art& design has on a person and It’s reaction that art& design has on a viewer. Powwow is an invigorating initiative by Pearl Academy’s Foundation School, that offers a bevy of workshops for the young and pepped up minds who are about to enter the world of creativity and design. A series of super crazy workshops tickle the brain wires of zesty minds with several multi-sensory, spirited and multidisciplinary activities driven by the need to express and nurture creativity and design thinking. Since last 5 years, POWWOW has become Pearl Academy’s annual brand event, marking the commencement of our academic year.
With our presence in 4 cities, namely Delhi, Noida, Mumbai and Jaipur, Pearl Academy’s Powwow is committed to making the city a more culturally dynamic place by activating spaces, engaging in the arts, and generating pride in the city. The theme for 2018 is #powwowCITY’18

The interplay of natural and manmade defines a city and the workshops will revolve around this notion. On one hand, flora, fauna and natural products of the earth, such as minerals, rivers, soil, rocks etc. are striving to exist, while on the other hand, products of human imagination and labor such as, buildings, monuments, transportation, streets, parks etc., continue to expand its territories and define cities.

2018! The huge reserve of talent is waiting to become a part of our family, ready to be manifested, actualized and able to achieve expression. They are curious, passionate and in their pursuit of knowledge, they live life with a sense of excitement, anticipation, and energy. The learners of today simply enjoy things, reflecting their approach to life with anticipation, enthusiasm and respond in a clever, intelligent, sharp and playful way, eventually shaping their foundation and later years of life.

Why Powwow before the dawn of academic sessions: Children want to learn and they naturally seek out problems to solve. Such attitudes and actions on the part of young learners indicate that they engage in thinking and actions long before they enter a classroom setting. Education in a formal setting often reflects the understanding as learning of facts. While deeper learning and engagement comes out of active hands on learning by doing, scientific learning, learning which fosters social interaction – that is, sharing observations and ideas with each other fostering curiosity and stimulating new ideas.
From 2018, these inter- disciplinary and multi- disciplinary “Open Lab Workshops” form an integral part of our curriculum held at the beginning of each module and conducted by both internal and external resources.

How do students choose Powwow workshops: Teams at Pearl Academy, such as IT, Sales, Marketing, Student Support and Foundation faculties collaborate and play vital role in creating platforms for registering, branding, disseminating information and rolling out the workshops. Students are provided links to register themselves in any one of the workshops. The dashboard will highlight all the available workshops provided in a specific campus along with their brief introduction, outlines and deliverables. Since workshop registration is first- come- first basis, the new enrollments are urged to register their preference soon they receive the links on their mail. Registrations are open for students who join college at a later date, however these are done on one on one basis in whichever available workshop at that point of time.